UOt Mascot


February 2022 | Competition (1) | Comment: 0

UOt Mascot

The challenge of this competition is to design the first mascot for the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq. It is the first mascot ever to be designed for any of the Iraqi universities.

Note that the University of Technology has no intention to change its official logo. This competition is to design the mascot for the University of Technology in Baghdad, without changing its official logo. See details for the major differences between University’s logo and its mascot.

Designing the mascot for the University of Technology in Bagdad is a step forward to establishing the Techno Students Center TSC as part of the University’s vision to enhance the capacity of its campus as uplifting and positive environment with best learning and interactive experiences for all its students.

The considered entries are those which best reflect the University of Technology vision and goals. In addition, the proposed entries should meet the key requirements of mascot designing What Makes A Good Mascot .

The first three winning entries will have the opportunity to further develop their winning proposals based on the directions of the judging committee with the aim of introducing the final mascot design that best fits this competition’s requirements.

for more details visit https://uotmd.uotechnology.edu.iq/